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Subject TitleTopicGenACRef and NRCO2
010 - IntroductionClass Introductions x x x
Introduction presentation and video
Nomenclature (all products)
020 - Refrigerants OveriewUpdates on latest refrigeratnts, standards, and legislation x x x
030 - Thermodynamics basicsPressure / Enthalpy Diagrams, Cycles, Refrigerant Properties x x x
040 - Compressor fundamentals - BasicRecip, Scroll, and Screw Basics x x x
045 - Compressor fundamentals - AdvancedOvercompressoin, undercompression, Vi x
050 - Compressor ModulesCompressor Modules x x x
060 - Compressor Application LimitsApplication Limits x x x
070 - Scroll CompressorsIntro to Scroll Compressors x x x
Scroll Features and Benefits
Scroll Standard Extent of Delivery
080 - Recip CompressorsRecip Design Features x x x
Recip Accessories and Controls
090 - Specialized Recips2 stage x x
Open drive
100 - BITZER ASME Pressure VesselsReceivers, Shell and Tube HX, Oil Separators x x
110 - Screw CompressorsIntroduction to Screws x x x
Screw design features and benefits
120 - Screw Compressors (In-Depth)Capacity cxontrol x x x
Oil management, cooling
Eco operation
130 - Ammonia Compressor and PackagesOpen Drive Screw Compressors x x
ACP/SCP Compressor Packages
400 - Softwares, ToolsBitzer Software, Configurator, Website with Interactive Demos x
140 - Compressor Starting MethodsElectrical Sizing, Contactors, Softstarters and VFDs x
150 - System RecommendationsSystem advice: parallel piping compression & oil management x
160 - CO2 Compressor and Subcritical ApplicationsCompressors for CO2 Applicatoin x x x
Secondary and Cascade Systems
170 - CO2 Transcritical ApplicationsHeat pump, Low Temp, Medium Temp, Booster Systems x x x
175 - CO2 Advanced Transcritical ApplicationsCO2 Calculation Tool, Ejectors
180 - Compressor Commisioning and MaintenanceCommissioning, maintainance x x x x
190 - General Compressor TroubleshootingGeneral Troubleshooting x x x
200 - EcostarIntroduction to Ecostar x
210 - IQ Practical ExerciseEcostar, BEST, Varispeed Demonstrations x
310 - Competitive Replacments - Pre PlanningPlanning of compressor replacments x
320 - Competitive Replacments - ScrewReplacements of Screw Compressors
330 - Competitive Replacements - RecipsReplacements of Recip Compressors x x
910 - Recip Compressor TeardownRecip Teardown x x
920 - Screw Compressor TeardownScrew Teardown x x x
999 - Plant TourTour x x x x

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